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Welcome to the harmonious world where your personal musical journey comes to life
 our unique platform allows you to immortalise your favourite sounds on the quintessence of auditory media: the vinyl record. Crafting your own vinyl is just a symphony of clicks away!

Here’s how to get started on this amazing experience:


Step 1: Create Your Profile


Embark on your creative odyssey by setting up your profile in the account section. This is your backstage pass to our array of services, tailored specifically for vinyl enthusiasts and creators like yourself.

Step 2: Get started

Navigate to the shop and choose the ideal size for your vinyl record. Whether it’s a 7 inch single or a full 12 inch album you wish to have recorded, we’ve got just the dimensions to suit your recording needs.  

Step 3 & 4: Design Your Labels and Outside Sleeve

Upload your images to grace the cover of your personal vinyl. This is where your artistic vision takes shape. For an aesthetically pleasing presentation, we recommend using square images for the cover and choosing images that transition seamlessly into a circular form for the labels, ensuring every element on your site is displayed with visual harmony.
If you don’t have any images, no worries—the labels will wear a classic white, and the cover will be sleekly minimalistic, allowing the music to speak for itself.

Step 5: Upload Your Artwork - Elevate Your Artwork with Precision

Effortlessly upload your artwork and craft your visual story with ease. For pristine print quality, we recommend uploading high resolution images in 300dpi, utilising printable PDF or JPG formats. If you’re unsure about the clarity of your artwork—perhaps a candid snapshot from your device—fear not! Keep in mind: a square layout is key, as it mirrors the dimensions of your album cover, ensuring a perfect fit.

For those feeling less confident in their graphic prowess, our team is on standby, ready to fine-tune or completely reinvent your concept. Together, we’ll ensure your vision is realised in stunning detail. Begin your journey and let your creativity resonate through the tactile realm of the analog soundscape today!

Step 6: Share Your Music

The heart of your vinyl – The Music. Upload your tunes and let them take on a new life. Whether it be a track, an album, or an ambient soundscape, we’re here to press it into something timeless.

Step 7: Personalise Your Record

Add those unique touches that make it truly yours. From speed cutting for those who need there vinyl very fast produced to a memorable experience in a studio session, or even a personalised engraving, let every detail reflect the essence of your sound.

Step 8: Checkout and Order

Review your masterpiece and proceed to checkout. Place your order and let us handle the rest – your personalised vinyl record is just a heartbeat away from spinning on your turntable.

Step 9. Happy Customer

Thank you for bringing your music to life with us. We look forward to crafting a vinyl record that is as uniquely yours as the music etched into it. Let’s start this vinyl voyage together! 

If you’re having trouble creating your vinyl record or need clarification on the steps, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email for assistance.

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